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Dr. Steven Greenman presented an excellent course over a one year period to my staff and myself on Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the correct dental treatment. We found the course to be very effective in training us in proper diagnosis and treatment. It was very well organized, well presented. and Steve was always available for expert consultation. I would highly recommend Steve and his course for any dental team that wants to learn to treat OSA in the most time effective and comprehensive way possible. Steve’s expertise in this area is top notch!
– Joe Holtz, DDS

As a dental office that was already providing sleep apnea solutions to our patients, we were looking for a way to stream line the home sleep study and diagnosis segment to get our patients the care they needed more efficiently. DSM did just that! They provided our Watermark Home Sleep Testing unit and we are then able to upload the data to a Board Certified Sleep Physician for diagnosis. It’s easy, inexpensive and quick. Nicole and Dr. Greenman have been a great resource for our practice and if needed can help any practice if they are just getting started with sleep or just need assistance in a certain area. I recommend them to any colleague looking for a sleep solution.
– Michael Fulbright, DDS

Working with DSM solutions has made treating Sleep Apnea in my office possible. My team and I love the Web based learning and continued support system. Thank you for making this service easy to provide in my office!!
– Dr. Christina Blatchford

Through DSM solutions, our office has been able to offer our patients oral sleep appliances with confidence and help change people’s lives for the better! Dr. Greenman and Nicole have all the knowledge and experience needed to train you and your team!
– Dr. Jennifer Cornell

I would highly recommend DSM Solutions for your office’s dental sleep medicine training and support. Dr. Greenman and Nicole know what they are doing and will get you set up so that you provide a high-quality service along with compliance for medical insurance and medicare. There is an investment up front but we do 2-5 appliances a month and see reimbursement range from $1500-5000 regularly. I would say after you do a few, it gets pretty simple and is worth the time it takes, plus it’s a great service for patients!
– Adam Langan, DDS

I have to say… signing on with you guys has been one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you [Nicole] and Dr. Greenman for all you have taught us. I have truly enjoyed this field of dentistry and look forward to becoming an “expert.”
– Dr. J. Cornell

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