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What You Can Expect at a Sleep Study

Sleep studies are designed to gather as much information as possible about how a person sleeps. These tests usually take place in a sleep lab where your patient’s sleep patterns can be monitored using a wide variety of different tools. These tests are important to help uncover both common and uncommon sleep problems and help take the guesswork out of coming up with effective, actionable solutions.

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Poor Air Quality Could Be Depriving You a Goodnight Sleep

A new scientific body of evidence reports that poor air quality could be robbing you a good night sleep. The study findings that were presented at Walter E. Washington Convention Center indicate that individuals who were exposed to high levels of air pollution were at a greater risk of reporting poor sleep quality as compared to individuals residing in areas free of air pollutants.

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Adenoids and Tonsils in Children

Adenoids and tonsils are located right behind the nose. Together, they form part of the lymphatic system which is responsible for clearing away infections and maintaining body fluid balance. Dr. Nicole Greenman of DSM Solutions advises that if you notice inflamed tonsils coupled with swollen glands in young patients, they may be red flags that the child has an obstructive sleep disorder.

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Neural Circuits in Mice Point to Sleep Apnea Relief

New findings by medical researchers that have been able to pinpoint a particular style of neural circuitry that arouses mice brains simulating sleep apnea conditions. These findings could result in new methods and medicines that assist patients with obstructive sleep apnea in increasing the amount of sleep they can get at night.

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Snoring: A Troublesome Problem

Although as many as half of all adults snore at least sometimes, snoring is not a normal habit. Sleep should be quiet with effortless breathing. Causes Snoring is frequently caused when a person’s airway is blocked. Tissues in the throat make the sound as air passes...

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