Question: Does medical insurance cover oral devices? If so, which ones?
Answer: Many insurance plans cover devices that meet certain criteria. They must be FDA approved, custom-made, and placed and monitored by a dentist. There are more than 100 FDA-approved oral care devices.

Question: How can I know if my insurance covers oral devices and how much of the cost it covers?
Answer: Policies vary. Call your insurance provider or ask your dentist to call. A benefit estimator will know if your plan includes coverage though he or she may not know how much it covers.

Question: Does medical insurance pay for anti-snoring devices?
Answer: No. Covered devices must be medically necessary, custom made, and fitted by a dentist to ensure that you receive the best care. When snoring stops, you may still have sleep apnea episodes. Your dentist and physician should cooperate to manage your sleep apnea.

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